“Strong Attorney and Loyal to His Clients”

“Attorney Paul Thomas has done legal work for me in the securities field over the years to high degree of skill and he’s also become a friend of mine during our attorney-client relationship. He will do whatever is in his power to help his clients. He is always available by cell phone on nights, weekends whenever I need him he is there. I truly recommend Paul Thomas to anybody who needs a good lawyer for anything related to the stock market.”


“The Tiger”

Mr. Paul Thomas helped my mother who was robbed of her life savings by a broker. He helped us recover over $750,000 which I think kept my mother alive. She called him the “The Tiger” because of his strong voice and confident approach. Paul Thomas has been my friend since the case ended over a year ago. He helps me from time to time with legal questions for free. I recommend him to anyone who needs a strong lawyer who really cares about his clients.

george and kamla

Talented Lawyer Who Cares About His Clients

Mr. Thomas helped our firm with a lengthy arbitration case and as a result of his expertise we won the case. In addition we were awarded $75,000.00 in attorney’s fees from the person that filed the case against our company. He is now helping us to collect the fees plus the interest and penalties estimated at $85,000.00. He delivered what he has promised us and more.


The lawyer Who Kept Hope Alive

Paul Thomas helped me achieve a victory on a very tough legal case recently. The problem happened with some brokers and I was really hurt financially and emotionally. If it wasn’t for Paul Thomas fighting so hard on this case I would have fallen down literally. He helped me and my wife and kids get back on track financially. He was great for us! I strongly recommend him!


“Very good lawyer and a great friend”

Paul Thomas has been helping us on a legal case and without him we would he given up hope. Mr Thomas has worked days, nights and weekends for us on this tough case and he will absolutely not give up. He has gone above and beyond what any lawyer we know would do. We interviewed other lawyers first but they just wanted money. Paul saw we had a case and took it on a contingency fee. We really appreciate it because our life savings have been stolen by crooked brokers and Paul Thomas is our only hope. We would urge anybody who needs a stock fraud attorney to hire Paul Thomas.

Christie & Biggi

Aggressive, Determined Advocate

Paul Thomas handled my case in a commodity dispute and kept me updated, positive and confident that we would eventually win. We did win and Paul Thomas executed his litigation plan exactly like he planned it. I strongly recommend Mr. Thomas if you have a dispute in the area of commodities.


Honest and Reliable

Paul Thomas represented me on a complicated case against a brokerage last year. He worked hard and fought for my rights. He also kept me informed about the case and was realistic about what he could do for me. When the case ended I was even more impressed because Paul delivered on his word and it came out better than I expected. I would recommend Paul to my parents, friends and anyone who needs a good, honest lawyer.



“Paul Thomas is an attorney I’ve known and used for some legal matters over the last 10 years or so. These were related to the securities industry. Paul has an inherent confidence and ability to get the job done. He is also friendly and tries to help his clients in any way he can. I know this from personal experience. I had shoulder surgery and Paul even recommended light shadow boxing to help my shoulder strengthen and get flexible. I consider Paul Thomas to be a great lawyer and my friend and would recommend him to everybody.”