October 7, 2015

Although global growth estimate is cut, U.S. economy pegged at slow but steady grow.

Despite the market woes and persistent fears over the Chinese yuan affecting global markets, many analysts still expect the U.S. economy to expand at a slow […]
August 31, 2015

Biggest Market Sell off in over 75 years.

Bloomberg reports: “The S&P 500 has closed more than four standard deviations below its 50-day moving average for the third consecutive session. That’s only the second time […]
August 25, 2015

Chinese yuan devaluation panics world markets

In an effort to boost its sinking economy, China decided to devalue the yuan.  “China devalued the yuan last week and shifted to a more market […]
May 6, 2015

LPL Financial fined $11.7 million for ‘widespread supervisory failures’

FINRA said the firm failed to properly supervise sales of complex products, including certain ETFs, variable annuities and non-traded REITs May 6, 2015 The Financial Industry […]